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Electrical Insulation Products

Press Release: Pittsburgh Electrical Insulation, Inc. (PEI) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Electrical Products Division of Fibertek, Inc. of Franklin, TN. --> Read More

Products that Band, Strengthen and Protect your good work!
Res-I-Glas Banding TapesRes-I-Glas Banding Tapes Res-I-Band Banding FilmRes-I-Band Banding Film
Res-I-Straint Tadpole Edging TapeRes-I-Straint Tadpole Edging Tape Res-I-Flex Sealable Armor TapeRes-I-Flex Sealable Armor Tape
B-Stage Surge RopesB-Stage Surge Ropes Res-I-Lam Flexible LaminatesRes-I-Lam Flexible Laminates
Coilband Transformer Tensile TapesCoilband Transformer Tensile Tapes Res-I-Lam Formed WedgesRes-I-Lam Formed Wedges
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