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Res-I-Straint Tadpole Edging Tape

Res-I-Straint Tadpole Edging Tape

The Competitive Edge to Better Glass Bands: Fibertek Res-I-Straint is an important component of the complete Fibertek Banding System. It assures your glass band of being the strongest, most secure and most accurate possible. Res-I-Straint Tadpole Edging Tape is a nominal 5% resin impregnated and ''B'' staged edging tape used in conjunction with glass banding tape to provide a more uniform glass band.

It can also be used as a means of band stress relief when banding a wide area by using a third or intermediate restraint in the center of the glass band. Res-I-Straint is placed upon the armature prior to the banding tape application and the sewn-in bead forms the outer edges of the glass band. Hence, the diameter of the bead is proportionate to the thickness of the band.

Why Res-I-Straint? Res-I-Straint is resin impregnated to provide a homogeneous band with the glass banding tape during the cure cycle. Unlike lesser grade competitive products, Res-I-Straint is made using glass cloth which is a full 7 mil, thickness in the base material. It is available in numerous bead diameters to cover the requirements of standard band thicknesses. Since this is a B-Staged product it is recommended that the same refrigerated storage practices for banding tape be followed for Res-I-Straint. Unlike competitive products, Res-I-Straint is supplied in heat sealed poly bags to insure freshness and prolong shelf life.


FRS321 1" 3/32" 3" 10" 100 YARDS
FRS521 1" 5/32" 3" 10" 100 YARDS
FRS361.5 1 1/2" 3/16" 3" 10" 100 YARDS
FRS363 3" 3/16" 3" 10" 100 YARDS
FRS142 2" 1/4" 3" 10" 100 YARDS
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