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Res-I-Band Banding Film

Res-I-Band Banding Film

Dress it Up With a 5% Finishing Touch: Fibertek Res-I-Band is an important component of the complete Fibertek Banding System. It enhances the performance, insulation integrity and the appearance of the glass bands on armatures and commutators.

RES-I-BAND Banding Film is a heat shrinkable polyester film specially designed for use with glass banding tapes to improve the finish and appearance on banded armatures and commutators. The pre-set and uniform shrinkage of Res-I-Band improves resin flow and provides a smooth finish on the glass band. It also minimizes build up of foreign matter thereby reducing the possibility of tracking.

Why Res-I-Band? Res-I-Band provides an accurate and consistent 5% shrink factor. Our experience shows that shrink factors greater than 5% lead to uneven cured bands with ridges on the band surface. A 5% shrink factor yields the ultimate in smooth surface banding.

Res-I-Band is treated with a special release backing to insure easy and complete removal from the band. The special release backing contains no silicones which can contaminate the glass band. Unlike conventional banding films, Res-I-Band will not become homogenous with the band and will not result in flaking when removed. The special release backing permits you to use a 1 mil. thick Res-I-Band film as opposed to a 2 mil.or 3 mil. conventional banding film; thereby, reducing material costs up to 50%. Res-I-Band is easily initiated and terminated by using a pressure sensitive tape.


FRB0075 3/4" 3" 200 YDS. 5% .001"
FRB0100 1" 3" 200 YDS. 5% .001"
FRB0150 1 1/2" 3" 200 YDS. 5% .001"
FRB0200 2" 3" 200 YDS. 5% .001"
FRB0300 3" 3" 200 YDS. 5% .001"
FRB0400 4" 3" 200 YDS. 5% .001"
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