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Res-I-Lam Flexible Laminates

Res-I-Lam Flexible Laminates








Not all Class ''H'' Insulations are created equal!

Some are more economical

  • U.L. Listed & recognized as a Class ''H'' 180º C Major Insulation!
  • Substantial purchasing savings when compared to aramid products.
  • Available in rolls, sheets, & wedges.

For more information on Res-I-Lam Class H Formed Wedges - Click here

The Fibertek ''Res-I-Lam'' family of DMD Flexible Laminates is both new and revolutionary in today's marketplace. All other producers of DMD Laminates use a solvent based adhesive system which falls woefully short of the quality features of the Fibertek DMD products. The Fibertek superiority is a direct result of our proprietary solvent-free adhesive system, developed and employed exclusively by Fibertek.

The Fibertek adhesive system is totally solvent-free. It is a high temperature, thermosetting, highly crosslinked, co-polymer system.

In addition to the revolutionary adhesive system, the manufacturing equipment and the production process is state-of-the-art and technically advanced within the industry. In excess of five years was spent in the development of this product, the machinery and the process. The net result is the highest quality DMD Laminate ever produced yet, offered at the most competitive price of any manufacturer. The following features are the direct result of our revolutionary and proprietary solvent-free adhesive system.

  • No blistering at elevated temperatures.
  • No curling at elevated temperatures.
  • No delamination at elevated temperatures.
  • No cracking at elevated temperatures.
  • Increased dielectric strength values - up to 15%
  • Easier to slit, sheet, die cut & form.

The class 155º C product is solid white in color and the class 180º C product is coded with green stripes.

Just imagine, far superior in quality yet, priced below the lesser competitive products. When compared to Nomex and Nomex-Mylar-Nomex laminates, the savings become very substantial.

Additional technical information, product samples and heat aged competitive product samples are available by simply contacting our factory.

Click on the card below to go to the U.L. Web Site for detailed U.L. data:

The following chart is a basic breakdown of this products specs. For a more detailed chart
of the DMD Flexible Laminates click here


DMD 2-2-2 MD:85 Lbs/In CMD:75 Lbs/In Mat:2 Film:2 Mat:2 8050 Volts 2.9 .09 0.006 (0.15mm)
DMD 2-3-2 MD:100 Lbs/In CMD:95 Lbs/In Mat:2 Film:3mil Mat:2 10,200 Volts 3.1 .05 0.007 (0.18mm)
DMD 2-7.5-2 MD:190 Lbs/In CMD:180 Lbs/In Mat:2 Film:7.5 Mat:2 15,300 Volts 2.8 .07 0.0115 (0.29mm)
DMD 3-3-3 MD:130 Lbs/InCMD:100 Lbs/In Mat:3 Film:3 Mat:3 10,200 Volts 3.2 .08 0.009 (0.23mm)
DMD 3-5-3 MD:165 Lbs/InCMD:135 Lbs/In Mat:3 Film:5 Mat:3 13,200 Volts 3.2 .07 0.011 (0.28mm)
DMD 3-7.5-3 MD:215 Lbs/In CMD:205 Lbs/In Mat:3 Film:7.5 Mat:3 15,500 Volts 3.3 .07 0.0135 (0.34mm)
DMD 3-10-3 MD:260 Lbs/In CMD:250 Lbs/In Mat:3 Film:10 Mat:3 16,400 Volts 3.7 .07 0.016 (0.41mm)
DMD 3-14-3 MD:315 Lbs/InCMD:305 Lbs/In Mat:3 Film:14 Mat:3 16,900 Volts 3.2 .01 0.020 (0.51mm)
DMD 5-3-5 MD:190 Lbs/InCMD:170 Lbs/In Mat:5 Film:3 Mat:5 10,100 Volts 2.9 .01 0.013 (0.33mm)
DMD 5-5-5 MD:210 Lbs/In CMD:185 Lbs/In Mat:5 Film:5 Mat:5 15,800 Volts 3.2 .01 0.015 (0.38mm)
DMD 5-10-5 MD:280 Lbs/In CMD:235 Lbs/In Mat:5 Film:10 Mat:5 18,300 Volts 3.5 .01 0.020 (0.51mm)
DMD 5-14-5 MD:300 Lbs/In CMD:285 Lbs/In Mat:5 Film:14 Mat:5 19,500 Volts 3.0 .03 0.024 (0.61mm)
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