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Res-I-Flex Sealable Armor Tape

Res-I-Flex Sealable Armor Tape

The Ultimate in Armor Protection: Fibertek Res-I-Flex is a B-Staged, epoxy coated, woven polyester/glass tape which shrinks and fuses during the cure cycle to insure a tough, conformal moisture and chemical resistant dielectric seal for AC stators and DC armature coils. During the cure cycle, the resin flows and the polyester yarns in the warp direction shrink providing a leak proof seal and eliminate the need for external pressure to be applied.

Application: To assure a complete seal, Res-I-Flex should be half lapped over the entire area of the coil. Two layer coverage is recommended. Recommended cure time is 1 hour at 170 Degrees Celsius or 3 hours at 150 degrees Celsius. Unlike other competitive armor tapes, Res-I-Flex, at the termination of the cure cycle, is completely cured and is not soft, nor tacky on the surface. Hence, it can be handled immediately without disrupting the tape. Since Res-I-flex is a B-Staged product, it is recommended that the same refrigerated storage practice be followed as for Fibertek Res-I-Glas Banding Tape.


FRF-075 3/4 155 Degrees C 40 Lbs Clear 2100 65%
FRF-100 1 155 Degrees C 40 Lbs Clear 2100 65%
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