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B-Stage Surge Ropes

B-Stage Surge Ropes

Soft & Flexible with Unyielding Strength: Fibertek B-Stage Surge Rope is preferred by industry leaders not only because of it's superior performance qualities, but is the choice of those who work with it everyday because of it's application flexibility, and equally important soft polyester finish that protects their hands from glass fibers and raw resins. Fibertek B-Stage Surge Rope provides greater protection for your work and your workers. Fibertek Surge Rope is constructed using a core of glass yarns which have been impregnated with a thermosetting modified polyester resin system rated at Class H Plus 220 degrees C. The B-Stage core is overbraided with a spun polyester fiber encapsulating the core. It is designed for surge ring and other structural applications requiring a rigid insulating and high mechanical strength material.

Why Fibertek B-Stage Surge Rope? The Fibertek B-Stage Surge Rope incorporates a 35% resin content of 220 degrees C modified polyester resin. The polyester braid provides a dry, user friendly jacket which eliminates the need to directly handle glass fibers during installation. The braid provides for a more flexible product which enables the user to tie tighter knots and eliminates the need for additional protection around the coils.


SRR 14 220 Degrees C 35% 1/4" 100 Ft.
SRR 38 220 Degrees C 35% 3/8" 100 Ft.
SRR 716 220 Degrees C 35% 7/16" 100 Ft.
SRR 12 220 Degrees C 35% 1/2" 50 Ft.
SRR 58 220 Degrees C 35% 5/8" 50 Ft.
SRR 34 220 Degrees C 35% 3/4" 50 Ft.
SRR 78 220 Degrees C 35% 7/8" 50 Ft.
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