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Coilband Transformer Tensile Tapes

Coilband Transformer Tensile Tapes

Stronger Pulldown Tension, No Butts About It: Fibertek Coilband tapes are widely used in large scale transformer manufacturing and rewind shops as a tensile member replacement for woven cotton tapes and webbings. Coilband tapes are nonwoven, fabricated from unidirectional parallel cotton yarns and impregnated and bonded with an appropriate binder. They combine high tensile, low elongation and high shear with excellent space reduction properties. Coilband tapes have a water soluble binder that is inert in both oil and pyranol.

Why Coilband? Coilband tensile strengths are so much higher than woven tapes, that it is possible to ''space'' the tape during winding, whereas with woven tapes a butt wind or overlay is necessary. This results in substantial labor and material savings. Moreover, a superior coil results because pulldown tensions can be increased with no danger of tape breakage.


CB38100B 3/8" 80 Lbs 100 Yd. Bolt .010
CB12500S 1/2" 100 Lbs 500 Yd. Spool .010
CB12250S 1/2" 100 Lbs 250 Yd. Spool .010
CB34100B 3/4" 160 Lbs 100 Yd. Bolt .010
CB34500S 3/4" 160 Lbs 500 Yd. Spool .010
CB38500S0 3/8" 80 Lbs 500 Yd. Spool .010
CB381000S 3/8" 80 Lbs 1000 Yd. Spool .010
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