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Stock Sizes:
*Additional tensile strengths are available. Please contact the factory with your specifications
WPT900 900 Lbs/408 kg Woven
WPT1250 1250 Lbs/567 Kg Woven
WPT1800 1800 Lbs/816 Kg Woven
WPT2500 2500 Lbs/1134 Kg Woven
WPT4000 4000 Lbs/1814 Kg Woven
WPT6000 6000 Lbs/2722 Kg Woven

Some say a Bloodhound can locate just about anything. Well, maybe so - but when it comes to buried duct, TRACERTAPE by Fibertek, is the expert's choice. TRACERTAPE incorporates a solid corrosion resistant copper conductor into our industry leading PULLTAPE products. The result is a multi-functional product used for locating, pulling and measuring your duct and fiber. Simply direct a radio signal on to the TRACERTAPE and follow conventional locating procedures.

TRACERTAPE is available in aramid, polyester or blended constructions of PULLTAPE with tensile strengths up to 6000 lbs. Since our PULLTAPE products have the lowest shrink factors in the industry, TRACERTAPE is extrusion friendly and can be pre-inserted by the duct manufacturer or blown into the duct at the job site. All TRACERTAPES are furnished with printed sequential footage markings for accurate measurements and factory pre-lubricated for easy pulling with no duct burn-through as with rope products.

From the champion pedigree of Fibertek, PULLTAPE TRACERTAPE provides tomorrow's technology today by locating, measuring, and pulling with a single product.

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